Shutterfly Acquires Make It About Me!

Posted Jun 29, 2007

Shutterfly, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFLY) [1] recently acquired Make it About Me![2]  The synergy behind the acquisition is that Make It About Me! produces books with custom pictures for about $40  and Shutterfly is one of the biggest picture sharing companies.

Shutterfly had an IPO around September 2006 and is currently valuated at $535.36 million.  Shutterfly’s opening price was at $15 per share and today, SFLY is trading at about $22.30 per share.

“This acquisition increases Shutterfly’s market leadership in the rapidly-expanding category of personalized storybooks and photo books,” stated Jeffrey Housenbold, President and CEO of Shutterfly. “We’re very pleased to offer parents compelling, personalized stories that feature their child together with beloved characters, such as their friends on Sesame Street, and others.”

Some of the custom books that Make It About Me! sells is My Adventure on Sesame Street and My Amazing Alphabet Adventures.  Below is a screen shot of My Adventure on Sesame Street:

“We created Make it About Me! to inspire children to explore their world in an educational and fun way,” stated Michael Anthony and Jim McCreery, co-founders of Make it About Me! “As Shutterfly incorporates our technology and products into its award-winning Photo Book line, we are excited to see these books entertain, motivate and help educate young readers.”

The financial details were not disclosed.  This was Shutterfly’s first 2007 acquisition and through this acquisition, Shutterfly gains Sesame Street licensed content and themed characters. 

[2] (now redirects to Shutterfly) 

[3] thealarmclock