Sitemeter Launches New Look & Logo

Posted May 9, 2007

After feedback was taken into consideration and votes were collected, Sitemeter launched a new interface and is showing off a new logo. The new look gives the website a more Web 2.0ish look & feel. The actual internal pages don’t look any different except the sidebars and the new logo slightly resembles the Cisco Systems new logo, but change is (almost) always good.

I have been using Sitemeter for quite some time and enjoy the service more than Google Analytics. The actual interface behind Sitemeter is simple. It tells you Who your users are through location and IP address tracking. It tells you where your users came from in the “By Referrals” section. And it gives you the option to monitor your last 100 users (500 users with a premium account).

Google Analytics will be unleashing a new interface soon, so hopefully it’ll be as easy to navigate around user activity as Sitemeter.  Both Sitemeter and Google Analytics make great search engine optimization research tools.