Social Shopping Company, ThisNext Hires Scott Morrow as President

Posted Oct 2, 2007 is a website based in Los Angeles, Calif. that is known for providing a way for mom-and-pop e-commerce to sell to a broad market of Internet consumers.  By building a  hub for products that are “different” from typical retailers, ThisNext narrows their customer demographics and at the same time distinguishes themselves from other Internet e-commerce companies.

ThisNext belongs to a category of “social shopping” and is taking on other web companies in the same space such as Kaboodle, Wists, and StyleHive. Today, StyleNext announced that they have formally hired a President and board member, Scott Morrow.

Morrow was previously an executive at IAC/CitySearch and was the head of marketing/sales for, a subsidiary of CNET Networks. Morrow will handle the business strategy operations of ThisNext.  ThisNext’s CEO is Gordon Gould.

Venture capital investors of ThisNext include Anthem Venture Partners and Clearstone Venture Partners.