SocialMedia Raises $1 Million

Posted Aug 15, 2007

SocialMedia is a company that produces widgets for MySpace and Facebook.  The company recently announced that they have received $1 million in funding from CRV Ventures, SoftTech VC, and Hitforge.  SocialMedia was founded by Seth Goldstein.

SocialMedia has roughly 10 Facebook apps such as the Happy Hour App, Trakzor, and Foodfight.  Over 12 million users have installed SocialMedia applications.  The top 8 SocialMedia apps are as follows:
1.) Happy Hour: 4.2 million installs
2.) Trakzor for MySpace: 3.7 million installs
3.) Food Fight: 2 million installs
4.) Trakzor: 818K installs
5.) Candy Store: 323K installs
6.) Tag!: 266K installs
7.) Flower Shop: 257K installs
8.) Kudos!: 205K installs

Goldstein’s blog is available at: