South African Web Site Creation Company, Synthasite Raises $5 Million

Posted Nov 21, 2007

Switzerland-based Columbus Venture Capital has taken $5 million and invested it into a South Africa-based web creation company called SynthaSite. SynthaSite works very similarly to Weebly.

The idea behind SynthaSite is to allow users to build websites in minutes without a programming background and includes free hosting and a free domain name.

SynthaSite uses AJAX to utilize dragging+dropping capabilities. There is a two-pane view on SynthaSite, one side that displays the workspace and the other to support the tools needed for building a website.

SynthaSite will soon introduce an API that will give a chance for developers to create mash-ups and widgets. The company plans to move to Silicon Valley, Calif. eventually. This is SynthaSite’s first round of funding aside from seed investors.