SplashCast Announces MyPodcastNetwork Today

Posted Apr 30, 2007

SplastCast is a Portland, Oregon based company that utilizes Adobe Flash technology for streaming media.  While YouTube only utilizes video files, SplashCast enables videos, music, photos, text, and RSS feeds.  In addition to the aforementioned types of media, SplashCast today introduced a new feature called MyPodcastNetwork.

MyPodcastNetwork allows users to embed video and audio podcasts to their SplashCast players.  MyPodcastNetwork hosts a plethora of video channels to embed on blogs and websites in its catalog.  The video channel that caught my eye at the top of the catalog website is The Onion News Network which was given $1 million in funding about 1 month ago.

To embed videos from the catalog, users are asked to create an account and then click on “Podcasts and RSS [Source: SplashCast blog].”  A sample SplashCast player is below: