Steve Case’s Sequel Company, Has Acquired CarePages

Posted Apr 22, 2007

A couple of days ago Steve Case appeared on CNBC regarding the launching of his new website, One of the questions that Case was asked is if RevolutionHealth will pursue an IPO. Case agreed that this is a direction that he wanted to follow.

According to alarm:clock, RevolutionHealth acquired CarePages, a portal that allows families to create virtual meeting places. CarePages also allows families to share news and 52 photos. CarePages receives about 30 million page views per month and has deals with over 500 hospitals. CarePages was VC-funded by Woodland Venture Management and Hopewell Ventures.

RevolutionHealth’s parent company is Revolution LLC. Revolution LLC was launched in April 2005 and aims to build companies rather than just investing in them. RevolutionHealth has partnerships with The American Academy of Family Physicians and the Columbia University Medical Center.

Steve Case is a co-founder and former CEO/Chairman of America Online. Case played a major role in the Time Warner and AOL merger back in 2000.

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