Steve Jobs Was Yahoo!’s Motivational Speaker. Matt Foley Probably Would Be More Effective.

Posted Sep 29, 2007

Yesterday Steve Jobs appeared before 300 Vice Presidents at Yahoo! to give them a pep talk that its okay to be the company that falls once in a while.  After all, Apple made a come-back and so can Yahoo!  However, at the rate that Steve Jobs is angering his many customers, it would come to no surprise that Steve Jobs motivational speeches are simply as effective as Matt Foley, SNL’s lovable character that lives in a van down by the river played by the late Chris Farley.

The effectiveness and realities of Steve Jobs speeches have been questioned to the point that Guy L. “Bud” Tribble, the Vice President of Software Technology at Apple Inc. coined a term after them.  The term is reality distortion field [RDF] and its the idea that Steve Jobs is able to convince people to believe anything through the mix of charisma, charm, exaggeration, and marketing [Wikipedia].   RDF can also be considered deception.

What the Yahoo! VPs decide to make out of the keynote (also known as Stevenotes), is a mystery.  But I believe if Yahoo! was simply seeking motivation, they should have called upon a Matt Foley-like character to tell them to get back on the right track or they’ll end up living in a van down by the river.  The Matt Foley-like character would also probably tell them to stop creating avatars created by someone that was induced with something:

The Matt Foley video is available on YouTube:

[Information Source: GigaOM]