StyleHaul Network Raises $6 Million

Posted May 15, 2013

StyleHaul Network is a YouTube channel company that focuses on fashion and shopping.  The company has raised $6 million in funding from European media company, RTL Group.  StyleHaul previously raised $6.5 million from Bertelsmann?s Digital Media Investments.  Bertelsmann also owns a majority stake in RTL.

StyleHaul has raised nearly $17 million total and they generate around 300 million video views per month.  StyleHaul plans to use the funding to build out a base outside of the YouTube ecosystem.  StyleHaul is also trying to develop revenue streams that are not dependent on YouTube.

The company is also developing a “shippable player” that will allow viewers to click on videos and purchase goods as they are display.  The company is going to distribute other people’s programs like a Zoolander cartoon series from Ben Still’s Red Hour Digital, according to AllThingsD.