TAKKLE Scores $7 Million

Posted Nov 12, 2007

High school social network, Takkle.com took a niche and kept on strengthening upon it. Takkle lined up partnerships with major corporations that revolve around the purpose of their niche: showcase high school athletic abilities. Even Sports Illustrated, NYCIF, Greycroft, WMG Investments, IJ Smith Enterprises invested in Takkle previously.

In this round, Liberty Associated Partners, WMG Investments, and Greycroft participated.  Takkle allows athletes and coaches to upload photos/videos/blogs/profiles on the social network.  High school athlete statistics can also be added to profiles.

Takkle athletes can also create “Takkle Sheets.”  Takkle Sheets are like a sports resume that athletes can use to  promote themselves to be qualified for professional and college leagues.  Takkle is based in New York.