Tampax Collaborates with Social Network, Takkle for Promotional Campaign

Posted Mar 12, 2007

“Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey, Mickey!” states Toni Basil in her song from 1982 called “Mickey.” This is the type of videos that you may see appear on Procter & Gamble’s product-line, Tampax’s promotional contest on the Takkle.com website because cheerleaders are asked to submit 3-minute video clips of their cheers. Users will vote on their favorite cheerleaders and their cheers and there is a $10,000 award for equipment and clothes.

Takkle had received funding from several investors back in November and now has a new and improved user interface. “The reality is if an advertiser want to target on MySpace, it doesn’t know who it is reaching,” stated David Birnbaum, the CEO of Takkle. “There’s no confidence in advertisers in their ability to target their user base.”

From what I’ve seen in the movie (and I’m not afraid to deny it — it plays on TBS all the time!!), Bring it On, high school cheerleaders are hypercompetitive. The being said, this contest could really be a hit.

For additional information, refer to Mashable.