Tech Coast Angels Provide Clupedia With $1.3 Million

Posted May 21, 2007

Tech Coast Angels (TCA), the largest network of its kind in the U.S. consisting of 270 angel investors who have invested more than $85 million in 128 other companies has provided David Saad $1.3 million in funding.  Saad is the founder of Clupedia.
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Clucast is a browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and aims to attach clues to certain text.  The clues include ratings, reviews, related blog posts, etc.  The clues are expressed in the form of audio, text, and video.  In terms of the plugin finding relevant content, the idea seems similar to Sphere.  It terms of it actually being a plugin and finding clues, the idea seems similar to AdaptiveBlue.

Saad’s previous company, Braintec was sold to Technisource.  Johannes Larcher is now on board with Clupedia.  Larcher was a former chief of staff at Overture before it was sold to Yahoo!.
[Information Source: StartupSquad]