Techmeme Leaderboard: Let The Content Benchmarking Begin

Posted Oct 1, 2007

Techmeme, a technology news aggregator website officially launched their Leaderboard feature today.  Upon unleashing the Leaderboard application to the Internet community, there was some welcoming and there was some criticism.  I did a little bit of criticizing on TechCrunch, but on Pulse 2.0, I will give it some welcoming.

My biggest criticism of Techmeme is that content that is aggregated on the homepage is chosen manually by a panel of technology experts.  But manually content selection seems to many Web 2.0 sites out there such as Digg, Techmeme, Reddit, etc.  Digg and Reddit homepages are basically controlled by the most active users on the site.  To my understanding, stories on Techmeme is selected by unnamed sources.

All things considered, Techmeme representatives actually do a really good job at recognizing what discussions are worthwhile.  I hope to see Pulse 2.0 grow up on this list eventually even if it takes writing several posts per day everyday for years.  Things happen on the Internet at a rapid pace everyday.  And Techmeme captures that information and reports it right away.  This is why I have Techmeme on my Netvibes.

Techmeme helps sites like Pulse 2.0, TechCrunch, GigaOm, Engadget, etc. running.  Those at the top have something to be proud off and those at the bottom have something to aspire to.  Game on.