Testing GMail’s New Forgotten Attachment Detector

Posted Sep 16, 2008

Jon Kotker, an engineering intern and student at UC Berkeley wrote on the GMail Blog that there is now a new feature for the e-mail service called forgotten attachment detector.  This feature was added in the Google Labs and can be activated now.  What it does is that if you mention have attached a document, but actually forget to do so, GMail will send you an alert.

To set it up on your own GMail account, log in and then click on Labs.  Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the Forgotten Attachment Detector created by Jonathan K. 

Click on the Enable button.  And then at the bottom, click on Save Changes.  After that you’re good to go.  I tested it a couple of times.  Here are the results:

Test 1: “Attach a document” – Failed

This test didn’t notify me with any alerts after I entered the e-mail address and hit send

Test 2: “I have attached” – Passed

Test 3: “Here is the attachment” – Failed


Based on these three tests, what I found is that if you claimed you have attached something in the past tense, then you have a winner.  The other two were duds.  GMail team, if you read this, above are some suggestions.