The Daily Reel’s Entertaining Podcast

Posted Mar 22, 2007

The Daily Reel was created out of the frustration of not finding decent movies online. The idea is to create content that people are actually interested in and not having to worry about really finding what is entertaining amongst YouTube’s 35,000 videos uploaded per day. “We devote all of our time and resources to finding the quality content among the hundreds of thousands, even millions of videos that are out there [About].”

The Daily Reel’s podcast program is hosted by Felicia Williams.  Felicia Williams worked in production for Law and Order: SVU and in the Oscar-winning film, Martin Scorsese’s The Departed.  The Daily Reel podcast videos are hosted by Revver.

The best part of The Daily Reel’s program is that its free and that the clips are entertaining.  Felicia also seems like a very charismatic show hostess.  The program is available on iTunes:
and the direct link for The Daily Reel podcast is:  The podcast features technology news that people in the same demographic as Pulse 2.0 would be interested in.  For example, in the March 7 podcast, Felicia pointed out that YouTube had made about $15 million in revenues in 2006.  I’d recommend checking it out.