The New UI of Quintura and Upcoming Services

Posted Mar 5, 2007

You know that error message that sometimes appears when you’re using Windows asking you whether you want to send an Error Report to Microsoft or not. The idea behind this report is feedback. Using this feedback, improvements were made in further versions of Windows.

This is the same case with Quintura. After analyzing some feedback from users and web experts, Quintura has unleashed a new user interface as of last week. When I first wrote about Quintura on November 15, 2006, there was a lot of space wastage in terms of feature placement. To compare the changes, check out the previous screen shot vs. the up-to-date one.



The new interface also features video search powered by Yahoo! Video and product search powered by Amazon.

Dismissive observers of Quintura may say something along the lines of “I wouldn’t switch from Google to use something powered by Yahoo! XML.” I believe those skeptics should keep their eyes peeled on what other services Quintura will unleash though. In December, Quintura unleashed a kid-friendly search engine and now it has an upcoming Quintura for Women service. For the bloggers and website designers, Quintura will also be launching an affiliate program.

I believe that in order for any product be successful, the founder must really passionate about the idea and responsive to constructive criticism. Yakov Sadchikov seems to be the right man for the job.