Introduces Financial Blog Post Search, StockBlogr

Posted Jun 4, 2007, Inc.[1] is a company that was founded in 1996 by Jim Cramer. had an IPO in May 1999 through NASDAQ under the stock ticker symbol: TSCM and reported their first annual profit in 2005.  TheStreet has been offering financial information about stocks, financial institutions, HMOs, mutual funds, etc. since 1996 and has been viewed as a trustworthy source for financial professionals everywhere.

An example of Cramer’s ascendany is when Stephen Paternot pointed out in his book, A Very Public Offering: A Rebel’s Story of Business Excess, Success, and Reckoning[2], that Cramer was picking on more than other dot-com strugglers[3]. is a website that formerly provided free web hosting and the ability to have community interactions.  Today, is a travel website that was sued by for spamming[4].

Eleven years after was founded, the company sent out a press release today that the company will be launching a blog search engine specializing on financial information called StockBlogr (Side comment: Notice the missing “ge?”  It sounds very Web 2.0ish).

“StockBlogr stands out from other search engines currently available online,” stated James Altucher, the President of “Itâ??s what users want access to, on time, all the time â?? in an environment where they donâ??t have to weed through clutter to find what they are looking for. StockBlogr is a reliable resource for consumers who would otherwise not have a clear path to the very tools depended upon by professional money managers to gain an edge in collecting timely information to make successful financial decisions.” is a subsidiary of

As users plug keywords into the search, the engine will return blog posts, links from relevant portfolios on, and videos from various sources. 

The StockBlogr search engine is embedded on at[5].

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