This Holiday Season, Use Boddit For Online Purchases

Posted Dec 7, 2006

I’ll give you 500 reasons why you should use Boddit. That is roughly the number of deals added per day on Boddit. Boddit takes all the deals that it pulls from various websites and aggregates them within a number of categories such as Audio, Camera, Computers, Consumer, and Home.

Within those categories, there are subcategories. For example, within the Consumer categories, there are cell phone, projector, phone, television, and video games subcategories. Boddit provides suggestions of what to search for within those subcategories such as PS2 and XBox 360 within the video games subcategory.

Boddit was created by a student at Harvard and his friends. I was just reading the Boddit blog and was impressed with the fact that the team is constantly adding new features since the company was incepted. Between November 12 and now, Boddit added a Share-It feature, a Descriptions Tab, a Latest deals feature, RSS feeds for deals, a one day deals feature, e-mail deal reminders, and a rating system.

Boddit aggregates deals from,,,, and many other websites. Another impressive Boddit feature is it’s search filtering system. Boddit allows you to search within the primary categories and by the companies in which Boddit harvests the deal data. This holiday season, save some money and use Boddit.