Ticket Search Engine, SeatSnapper.com Adds Social Network Today

Posted Jan 30, 2007

About 20 days ago, Pulse 2.0 wrote about StubHub being bought out by eBay for $310 million.  Today, SeatSnapper had announced that it would be adding a social network to the already existing ticket search engine website.  SeatSnapper is owned by StrongTooth, Inc. and has also previously added a business networking and online dating (so you can find a date for the events) feature.

To test out the social network, I registered for the website and began to browse. This is the information that is collected for the social network:

You are also expected to upload a picture.  The social network also acts as an extension to SeatSnapper Membership.  SeatSnapper Membership includes the dating service and also a Wish List feature.  The Wish List feature has users input what events that they would like to attend.

SeatSnapper also has over 2000 built-in interactive seating maps.  SeatSnapper utilizes APIs from eBay, Google Base, Google Calendar, and Plaxo.   Users can also invite others by import contacts from various mail clients.  Although SeatSnapper is not as large as the TicketMasters, the StubHubs, or some of the other major players yet, it has grown quite a bit on Alexa since the website first appeared on the charts in September 2006.

I’m not sure whether the website has a browse feature built-in for the social network because as soon as I created an account, the only other links I saw when logged in was my mailbox and the ability to view the friends I don’t have, the profile I created, and the photo that I did not upload.  I suppose the only way you can add friends is if you know anyone else that has an account (which I don’t) or if you invite them personally.  Clearly, the social network needs a little touching up.