Travel Social Network, TripMates Launches Trip Flicks Video Competition

Posted Nov 14, 2006

What is TripMates? TripMates is a social network tailored for those who enjoy travelling. TripMates was developed by the motivation created when a group of friends who were vacationing in the Caribbean were mislead by out-of-date guide books.

TripMates is useful if you are looking to interact with people who are in different locations that could recommend places to visit. TripMates is based in Los Angelos, CA. If you are interested in using TripMates, I’d highly recommend using FireFox since a lot of the content on this site is misaligned when using Internet Explorer.

New members are recommended a check list when logging into TripMates which recommends users to upload a profile picture, complete the essentials (basic information about yourself), complete excess baggage (interests/languages spoke/favorite books/who would you like to sit with on a plane/etc), invite others, enter details for upcoming trips, create a travel blog, create a photo album, and search for other users.

TripMates is now offering a $100 gift certificate for every week to the user that uploads an exciting and creative travel-related video. These videos can be uploaded to TripMates and imported from YouTube. As of right now, 25 videos have been added since the competition has started today. Users of TripMates would be able to reach out to the video producers through the social network as well.

“The addition of Trip Flicks makes Tripmates unrivaled in user-generated travel content and we are just getting started,” stated Sam Rogoway, the CEO of Tripmates. “Tripmates is the only travel website of its kind that truly speaks to the social network generation and how they choose to discover and share the world.”

TripMates was featured on Fox News as well. Here is a [link to the interview]. And here is a link to the video browser on TripMates.

[Article Source: Yahoo! Finance]