TuneSquare, Free Indie Music Without DRM

Posted Sep 30, 2007

The power of the Internet has given a platform for independent artists to market themselves without having a music label behind them.  And TuneSquare is no exception to provide such marketing.  I have seen a few different sites that allow artists to upload their music with some revenue-sharing, but TuneSquare is different from other indie music websites. 

TuneSquare allows customers to buy music that is DRM-free, just like the new MP3 store.  But the most distinguishing feature of TuneSquare is that music on the site is free!  Some of TuneSquares’ competition includes Amie Street and Spiral Frog. 

Users search for songs by categories or by searching, watch a video ad, and that is all.  Musicians can share advertising revenue from TuneSquare.  As Download Squad points out, since the musicians aren’t well known, its rather unlikely that TuneSquare will get a lot of traffic.  But TuneSquare provides music labels a portal to search for fresh talent.

There isn’t really any background information about who created TuneSquare or where they are based on the company website.  The only details that the website gives is that they’re run by several international companies.