Use Amazon’s NowNow service to get your questions answered via mobile email

Posted Jan 17, 2007

Amazon is beta testing a service called NowNow that answers questions asked via mobile email. You ask a question and someone from Amazonâ??s Mechanical Turk answers it. You can ask a question anytime day or night. And you usually get it answered in a timely manner.

If you are not happy with an answer, you can communicate with the service by resubmitting questions or rating your answer. You can rate an answer as lame, junk, like, or great.

This is a good concept but I am not sure how useful the service can be. Most mobile phones with email access usually offer the ability to browse web pages. And there is a good chance most of the Mechanical Turk answerers use Google or Wikipedia to get you an answer which you most likely already have access to on your mobile device.

Another problem with these kinds of services is users asking vague questions that do not have obvious answers. One of the recent asked questions is â??what am i wearing?seriously though i’m blind. what am i wearing?â? I am sure NowNow will get plenty of such questions.

Questions are answered for free during the beta test period. Amazon plans to charge less then $0.25 cents per question once the service is out of beta.