Veoh’s $25 Million Third Round of Funding Confirmed

Posted Aug 9, 2007

Veoh is a video content website that serves home videos and internet TV content. As of earlier, the third round of funding was tentative, but has been finalized today. The investors that are plugging $25 million into Veoh includes Tom Freston (former CEO of Viacom), Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE:GS), Spark Capital, Shelter Capital Partners, Time Warner Investments, Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company, Jonathan Dolgen (former Chairman/CEO of Viacom), and Ziffrin law firm.

In June, Veoh launched VeohTV, a special video browser and with DVR technology that has a patent-pending smart recommendation engine embedded in the service. The address for VeohTV is

Steve Mitgang recently started as Veoh’s CEO. Mitgang came to Veoh from Yahoo!, where he served as the SVP of Yahoo!’s global team where he helped manage the Panama project. When Yahoo! bought Overture, a web analytics company, it also acquired Keylime Software, where Mitgang was CEO.

[1] Eisner-Backed Video Site Veoh Raises $25 Million; Tom Freston Invests