Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Advertised on Facebook News Feed

Posted Dec 4, 2006

I was surprised to see a Victoriaâ??s Secret Fashion Show sponsored feed on Facebook today. I have a feeling this is only the beginning. If this goes well for CBS and Victoriaâ??s Secret, a lot more companies and brands will start utilizing Facebookâ??s sponsored feeds as an advertisement vehicle.

Somehow, I feel that Facebookâ??s news feed has an alternative motive behind it. Although the original idea behind news feeds was to provide users with a snapshot of their social lives, I think it may evolve into a billboard for advertisers.

When I log into Facebook, the last thing I want to see mashed between what my friends are doing is an advertisement for Victoriaâ??s Secret. Donâ??t get me wrong; these models are hot! And any guy in his right mind would never complain about seeing them pop up in his feeds. But I would prefer a banner advertisement or even a sponsored group over a news feed ad.

News feeds were supposedly created for users to save time and quickly browse through what their friends are doing on Facebook. When you throw advertisements into the mix, this becomes a problem. There are literally tons of ways Facebook can monetize its user-base. Sponsored news feeds should not be one of them.