Video Aggregation Website, Blinkx IPO Grows Company Valuation To $355 Million

Posted May 22, 2007

Blinkx[1] is a video search engine company that aggregates video data from across the web. The company boasts an index of 12 million hours in video content. Blinkx plc was created when the company was spun-off from Autonomy and then set a price of 45 pence per share. As stocks were being traded, the price rose to 67.5 pence per share. This cause the video search engine to be worth £180 million ($355 million).

What the company will do with this much money now is still a mystery to me. But the company does have the advantage of striking partnerships with ChaCha, Quintura, the National Geographic Channel,,, VideoJug, Motion.TV, YouAreTV, QVC, NBX, the World Fashion CHannel, and several other companies.

The company has headquarters in San Francisco, California and London, England. I found the financial information data on PaidContent[2].

[2] PaidContent article