Video Recommendation Platform, Taboola Raising $1.5 Million

Posted Nov 14, 2007

Taboola is an up and coming video recommendation company.  The algorithm that Taboola uses to make recommendations takes into account a user’s video ratings, reviews, history, length of a video, and how much a video was watched by the user.  The Israeli startup company was officially announced their launch on NewTeeVee Live, San Francisco.

Some Taboola features are embedded on 5min [example].  Such a feature seems to be a proven model by looking at YouTube itself.  At the end of every YouTube video, an algorithm will determine what videos are related to the one that you are watching and use it as a suggestion.

Below is a screen shot of Taboola in action on 5min:

Taboola was founded by Adam Singolda.  Prior to putting Taboola together, Singolda was a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces, a unit of the Israeli National Security Agency (I-NSA).  Tomorrow Taboola will be announcing that they have raised $1.5 million in funding from Evergreen Venture Partners.  Taboola is already listed as one of Evergreen Portfolio Companies under Software on their website.  Other companies in the portfolio for Evergreen include aniBoom, Appstream, and eGlue.

Information Source:
[1] TechCrunch: Taboola Lands $1.5 Million, Powers Video Discovery written by Nick Gonzalez