Waldo Spotted In London On Google Street View Cameras

Posted Mar 26, 2009

If you search for “77 Putney High St, Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom” on Google Maps and turn on Switch View you will noticed a man sporting a red and white striped hat and shirt, jeans, and a cane.  That is right, folks we’ve found Waldo!

The Google Sightseeing team were the ones that first spotted Waldo and they announced it on their Twitter profile.  Waldo was found standing in front of an O2 phone shop and he waved at the camera car as it drove by.

Google Street View has about 22,369 miles in the UK mapped across major cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Oxford, and Manchester.

I still can’t decide whether I find this picture more entertaining or the man throwing up in the streets of London after a stag party.

[via Telegraph]