Watch QVC Live on AOL Video (Including Real Time Mishaps)

Posted Jan 18, 2007

Earlier today, QVC (Quality Value Convenience) announced that you can now watch the shop-at-home channel live on AOL Video.  QVC is owned by Liberty Media.  The channel will play completely in real-time and is called QVC Live.  AOL Video is aiming to bring in more channels to expand into video-on-demand.  Staci D. Kramer of PaidContent said it best, “Seriously, of all the live streaming possibilities I might have considered for AOL Video, Liberty Mediaâ??s QVC shopping channel or its rival HSN wouldnâ??t have even made the list.”

QVC is known for its mishaps appearing all over YouTube and eBaumsWorld.  Some of the mishaps include, a man falling off a ladder and another person accidentally cutting himself with a katana blade.  Both of these mishaps look pretty painful and I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.