Launches Broadband Videos For The Hunters/Fishermen

Posted Jan 11, 2007

Henricks Outdoors, LLC has been actively developing websites for outdoor enthusiasts for quite some time now.  Some of their previous work include,,, and  This new website that Henricks developed is different because it revolves around video technology. allows users to watch a library of outdoor-related videos online.

“ is the new online destination for hunters, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts looking for high-quality, top-notch outdoor action,” stated Jeremy Henricks the CEO of Henricks Outdoors. “Outdoor enthusiasts who are hungry for outdoor programming can now use their broadband connection to tune in to one place to watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere, and to watch shows not available through their current outdoor channels.” Henricks added, “Outdoor enthusiasts using our service can view free on-demand video content, or purchase full-length DVD downloads offered by top producers of outdoor-related videos.”

At the beginning of 2007, some of the videos that will be available on will include Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez and Wild Extremes. New shows will be added every month.  Between all of Henricks Outdoors websites, there 600,000 visitors every month.