What The? Pace University Web Site to Use Pimp-My-Profile.com

Posted Apr 5, 2007

Pace University will be using Pimp-My-Profile.com to accentuate the University website which contains information regarding admissions and student life.  The new Pace website will contain surveys and music videos provided by the social network customization hub.

“This is a great way for Pace to attract new students,” stated Jane McDougal, a sophomore Pace University communication major. “Now, students can choose their university the same way they choose friends on the Internet.”

Pimp-My-Profile boasts its base of 12,000 MySpace Layouts, H00 hi5 Layouts, and 500 Friendster Layouts.  The University marketing department believes that this is a great way to reach out to the youth.

Not everyone feels that this will benefit the University.  Samantha Green, a Pace University accounting junior, believes that the University is essentially dumbing itself down by this initiative.

“This makes the University look shallow and unintelligent,” stated Green. “Why don’t we just throw away the application process and accept students based on their self-portraits and HTML skills?”

I personally agree with Green on this issue.  By associating with a company that has the word pimp in it with a higher learning institution, you might as well add classes that train you how to “pimp your ride.”