Whoa, YouTube Has A New UI

Posted Dec 7, 2006

Around 11PM PDT on December 6, YouTube went down for a couple hours. Before I knew it, YouTube came back online with a new user interface. The “Upload Videos” button is a lot more noticeable and when I clicked on that, I noticed that you can now upload videos via a webcam or through your cellphones.

The new YouTube features statistics on the sidebar of the homepage (assuming if you are logged in) with the number channel views, your subscribers, and your video views as well as displaying a link to the “My Colleges” association that you belong to. Another new feature is the popular videos for mobile devices portion of the page which is provided by Verizon:

Lastly, the newest additions to the new YouTube interface is the Active Groups and Active Channels displaying featured videos. One of the featured active groups is the Moby Bodyrock 2006 auditions.