Why I Think Online Photo Editor, Picnik Is Pretty Cool

Posted Jan 31, 2007

There are many software alternatives to Picnik, why would you use the online photo editor? Personally, I believe its a very creative tool to use for those that don’t want to fill up their hard drive with extra software and could be especially useful to photography addicts (such as myself). Its free, fast, and works with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here’s a look at ways that you can pull in photos for editing:

You can pull photos from your hard drive, from websites, from Yahoo! Image search, Flickr, Flickr Search, or even from a webcam. Because there was a couple sample that were available to play around with, I decided to use those.

Some of the features available for editing photos is Auto-Fix, Rotate, Crop, Exposure, Color burning, Sharpen, and fixing Red Eyes. Here is a screen shot of what the Exposure feature in action.


After a simple slide of the brightness and contrast ruler:

There are also undo and redo buttons. Picnik also is currently adding Creative Tools such as making images black & white, Sepia, Boost, Soften, Matte, and Vignette. At the bottom right there is also a zoom in and zoom out ruler.

Once you are done editing your photo, you can easily save it to your Flickr account, e-mail the photo, save it to your computer, e-mail the photo to web sites, or print the photo and set the print size through Picnik itself).

The web sites that you can e-mail the photo to includes PhotoBucket, ImageShack, TypePad, CostCo Photos, SnapFish, WalMart Photos, SmugMug, Windows Live Spaces, Kodak EasyShare, LiveJournal, FotoLog, Nakama, PictureTrail, Fotopic, and Flickr. And I believe that the Picnik team is actively adding more.

Picnik is based out of Seattle, WA. I discovered the product through SolutionWatch.com.