Why Yaari Is Not A Good Friend: Serves Spam For Guests

Posted Aug 6, 2007

I’d never want to join any kind of social network that forcefully sends email invitations to everyone in my contacts list.  For example, in my personal GMail account, I have tons of confidential contacts such as former managers, corporate HR representatives, university professors, and many others.

Just imagine if they received an e-mail from me asking them to join Yaari.  My credibility would fall faster than Who’s Your Caddy‘s ratings.  I believe that this marketing method is simply unethical and I’d strongly encourage people to reconsider joining this website.  I found this out by reading an article on StartupSquad[1].

“Little bit of digging revealed that Yaari recently started asking its users for their Gmail/Yahoo password with no clear reason. And all this happens at the sweet spot – while a user is through the registration process. Yaari’s registration workflow doesn’t let a new user proceed without giving out their gmail/yahoo password, if that is the email being used to register. And if you are not paying attention, in few seconds, Yaari goes out and spams your whole contact list,” wrote Vivek Puri, founder of StartupSquad.

If I was Yaari.com, I would strongly reconsider their marketing method if they desire to gain any kind of positive press.  For this article, I refuse to even link to them to make a statement.  If the social network is actually good, it should speak for itself by having a high number of users (and not forcing anyone to join).

[1] StartupSquad: Yaari.com – If nothing works, SPAM your way to social networking stardom