Widget Syndication Services, Clearspring Technologies Receives $2 Mill in Funding

Posted Nov 9, 2006

It was announced earlier this week that Arlington, VA based company, Clearspring Technologies has raised $2 million in venture capital from Novak Biddle Venture Partners and a couple of other investors. Clearspring Technologies offers a widget syndication service for 2 types of people: Content Owners and Developers.

For content owners, Clearspring offers a partnership for brand name distribution through the forms of widgets. Clearspring enables you to package text, video, images, and applications into portable widgets. Then launches these widgets stamped with your brand across blogs and social networks. After this is complete, content owners can manage their widget content through a client interface. Lastly, Clearspring allows content users to analyze the real-time data statistics.

Widget developers can also benefit from Clearspring Technologies services. Clearspring allows developers to “push your widgets out to existing widget galleries in one click [source].” Developers can also analyze advanced statistics tracking on their widgets through Clearspring.

Christopher Marentis is the current CEO of Clearspring and is a former senior vice president of AOL Business Development. The two founders of Clearspring are Hooman Radfar and Austin Fath. Other Clearspring investors include Joel P. Adams, Miles R. Gilburne, and Bobby Yazdani.

[Source: BusinessWire]