Winamp 5.5: The 10th Anniversary Edition. I’m Officially Addicted.

Posted Oct 18, 2007

On September 13, I wrote about how Winamp is launching their 10 Anniversary media player, but I never really installed the Beta version. Today when I loaded up Winamp, I was sent a notification that the 10th Anniversary edition was available and is out of Beta so I had download it and try it out. And now I can say, that I am officially addicted to the new version and have no intention of reverting back to a previous version.

What sold me on the new version? I would say the greatest improvement was the optional toolbar that is added to Internet Explorer. More specifically, I like how users can load up streaming radio music from SHOUTcast easier. This is a feature that the FoxyTunes browser plugin does not have. Below is a screen shot of how the toolbar looks:

Because my monitor is a bit large, I couldn’t capture the rest of the toolbar in one screen shot, so here is how the toolbar looks to the far right. There is also media player controls:

The blue icon is for toolbar options such as uninstalling the toolbar and clearing the history.

Another reason why I’m addicted to the new Winamp is because of how sleek it looks.

This is a major improvement from their last players. This new design makes Winamp like the Lamborghini of media players passing iTunes (which would be a Daewoo) in the fast lane. Come on Apple, take some notes from Winamp.

Overall, I’d highly recommend downloading the new version of Winamp. It is available at: