Winamp: Whippin’ The Llama’s Ass For 10 Years

Posted Sep 13, 2007

Winamp, the music player that will be turning 10 years old next month will be releasing its newest version 5.5 on October 10 at 10:10AM.  Some of the newest features in the Winamp 10th Anniversary Edition includes album art support, a Media Monitor that can automatically play songs from a website and form a playlist, and will soon have a toolbar.  There will also be remote access to music and videos on the web, on mobile devices, and on TVs while using a Wii, a PS3, and/or XBox 360.

These new features seem to make the new product more competitive against RealPlayer, iTunes, and even the FoxyTunes toolbar.  The beta version is available for download right now on  Winamp was created by Nullsoft which AOL acquired in 1999 for $80 million.  AOL and XM satellite also has a partnership so Winamp has built-in streaming XM channels.

Winamp has roughly 60 million users.  Congratulations to Winamp for 10 years of: “Winamp… Winamp… It really whips the llama’s ass.”