Windows Live Calendar Launches; Hotmail Now More Outlook-Like

Posted Nov 3, 2007

Google and Microsoft are constantly competing for the online office suit applications market. Google already has the ability for users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google also has a calendar feature. However it is not directly embedded within GMail. Windows Live Calendar is built into Hotmail in a similar fashion as Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature:

When a user double-clicks on a time slot, an event set-up form will be loaded. The user fills in the subject, location, Start time, End time, adds Notes, Categories (Anniversary, Birthday, Business, Get-Together, Gift, Holiday, Meeting, Personal, and Shopping), and Show Time As (Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out of Office). Recurring events can be set-up. And reminders can be sent to anyone’s e-mail address of via MSN Alerts.

* Users can stay more organized and manage time better at home
* Calendars can be shared
* Tasks can be created with deadlines, completion, and

* Cannot sync with personal and work Outlook
* Giving more of a work feel to personal e-mail could be a turn-off. It may feel like you’re bring the office home.
* People may use Microsoft Outlook less

Regardless of the cons, I think its still a useful tool that can be utilized to the benefit of the end-user.