Windows Live Hotmail Launches Worldwide

Posted May 7, 2007

Microsoft Corporation announced yesterday that Windows Live Hotmail, formerly known as MSN Hotmail, is launching in 36 languages around the globe.  Windows Live Hotmail was built from the ground up and now includes 2GB of mail storage.  Live Hotmail can be accessed on the web, on a mobile phone, and/or with other e-mail clients.

The new Windows Live Hotmail user interface can be swapped between a Microsoft Outlook style or the original Hotmail style that people are used to.  The Microsoft Outlook style allows users to drag and drop messages in folders and also can load messages in a separate pane so that users don’t have to open an entirely new page.

There are three disadvantages I see in using Windows Live Hotmail.  The first is the increase in load time because of its use of new technology. The second is its lack of ability to group messages similar to GMail.  And the third is the lack of ability to forward mail to other e-mail accounts.

Users can also send mail from up to 5 other e-mail accounts and can use up to 4 different POP3 accounts.  This is advantageous if you prefer Hotmail over other e-mail clients.