XBox 360 Introduces TV Shows for Download Today

Posted Nov 22, 2006

On November 8, I wrote about how the first line of TV shows would be introduced for download on the Xbox 360â?¢. Today this feature is launching exactly one year after the Xbox 360â?¢ was released. Xbox 360â?¢ is the first gaming console to offer such a service. Not a bad way to celebrate the holidays for Microsoft.

The list of TV channels offering shows for download through the XBox Live Marketplace include CBS, UFC, Adult Swim, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Nick Toons, Nickelodeon, VH1, Warner Bros., and Paramount.

According to the latest Microsoft press release, “Since its launch on Nov. 22, 2005, Xbox 360 has gained impressive traction fast. Xbox 360 was the fastest console to reach 5 million sold, and 6 million Xbox 360 consoles had been sold by the end of September 2006. At least 10 million are expected to be sold by holiday.” This new feature joins a plethora of other accessories now available for the Xbox 360â?¢ such as the XBox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel and the XBox 360 HD DVD Player.

“Weâ??re exactly where we wanted to be this holiday with Xbox 360 retail stock availability,” stated Jeff Bell, a corporation VP of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. “With an incredible library of games, more than 4 million gamers playing online with Xbox Live, and a growing catalog of high-definition gaming and entertainment content, why would anyone wait in line when you can get a superior experience from Xbox 360 right now?”

Parental settings can be customized through the Xbox 360â?¢ and explicit content can be blocked as well. Downloading is based on the number of points purchased and a broadband connection is required.