Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 Launches Today

Posted Mar 20, 2007

Today, Yahoo! announced that they are launching a new service called Yahoo! oneSearch. Essentially, this will bring the world of web 2.0 to mobile devices. The mobile services will be launched in various other countries soon as well. Even though it was available on a limited number of mobile providers before, as of today the service will be available to a majority of mobile phone users in the U.S.

ReadWriteWeb has excellent coverage of the new service designed by Yahoo! and also has designed the image below of the old vs. the new one:

[Source: ReadWriteWeb]

oneSearch has the ability to get directions to businesses, provide stock quotes, and check out movie reviews.  That is only a fraction of the capabilities that oneSearch provides.  The announcement was made official by the Yahoo! Search Blog today.