Yahoo! Launches HotJobs Facebook Application

Posted Sep 9, 2007

In January 2002, Yahoo! acquired New York-based, for $436 million.  HotJobs gained popularity by having a $1.6 million TV advertisement run on Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999.  HotJobs’ revenue at the time was only $2.5 million.  HotJobs was started by Richard Johnson.  Today, the service is known as Yahoo! HotJobs.  Matt Martone runs the Job Search Marketing blog as a Manager of the Media Sales Strategy group for Yahoo! HotJobs in New York.

Yahoo! HotJobs recently launched a Facebook application:

I briefly added the Application to see what it was about.  After I added the application, Yahoo! HotJobs asked me to vote for and tag one of my friends who is “Most likely to quit the corporate world and move to Tibet to become a monk?”  Yahoo!’s Elaine Lee is the lead overall with 5 votes as of right now.  The application also asks what are the top 3 companies that you would love to work for?  I put that I want a McJob at McDonald’s, Circus Circus in Las Vegas, and then Enron.  Since I don’t really have any other friends that added the Application, the See your friends’ “Top 3” list did not display anything.

One of the cool features of Yahoo! HotJobs is the Where My Friends work.  In alphabetical order, companies are listed and a thumbnail will be displayed underneath each company of the person that works there:

And the last Yahoo! HotJobs Facebook application feature is a built-in Search Jobs engine.  As more friends add the application, you can see the keywords that they are using to search for as well as the locations and Category.

While HotJobs is a great job search engine, I don’t really see much use for it personally as a Facebook application.  Meaning that if I was searching for a job, the first thing I would not do is log into Facebook and use the HotJobs application.  I might go to or  And I still stand by my stance that Yahoo! Music is the best Facebook application out there thus far.  Blabberize is good too.