Yahoo! Music Gets A Redesign

Posted Aug 29, 2007

Yahoo! Music has just unleashed a redesign.  The search has a pull-down menu so that a user can search All, Artists, Albums, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos seamlessly.  On the homepage, there is a Flash-based news feed that displays featured artists, video spotlights, current contests, featured videos, and video premieres. 

The homepage also has a Top 100 Charts and without having to leave the homepage, users can find out what the Top 10 Videos, Top 10 Albums, and Top 10 Songs.  Exclusive Yahoo! Music videos are on the homepage as well.  One of the interesting features is local concert listings integrated from

And the last new feature placed on the homepage is Music Blog feeds.  One of the main Yahoo! Music blogs is written by Rob O’Connor’s List of the Day.

Below is a screen shot: