Yahoo! Search Now Offers Suggestions

Posted Jul 12, 2007

Yahoo!’s core service and search engine,[1] has been updated to provide suggestions to keywords that a user may be trying to search for.  For example, in the screen shot below, as I was searching for MyBlogLog, before I started typing in log, a pull-down menu appeared displaying some suggestions.
Yahoo! believes that this will allow users to search faster.  Yahoo!’s 2 biggest competitors, MSN and Google do not have the pull-down menus.  While MSN and do not offer suggestions, Google does offer “Did you mean:” suggestions after a search has been complete[2].

Making suggestions for users is essential.  I definetely agree with Yahoo! that suggestions does make search faster.  People write typos all the time and they want to recover quickly from it.  I believe it is time for MSN and Live to get with the program. 

[2] Google search for myblogolg (note: example of the “Did you mean:”)

[3] CNET’s Webware: Yahoo Plays Catch-Up With New Suggest Feature