Yahoo! Travel Integrated Into Search

Posted Jul 30, 2007

Yahoo! search just got a little bit smarter and it benefits travel enthusiasts. In the above screen shot, I typed in Las Vegas and near the top of the results, a mini-profile of’s content of the Sin City appeared. From that point, travel enthusiasts are one click away from Top Rated Things To Do, Las Vegas hotels, Las Vegas restaurants, flights, and maps.

This new feature was implemented within 17 days of Yahoo! search integrating a suggestions feature[1].  Yahoo! is once again focusing on its core competency, search.  Since Yang stepped into the CEO office, I believe Yahoo! will continue to triumph in providing real value to each of their users through means of search, music, messaging, and other services.

[1] Pulse 2.0: Yahoo! Search Now Offers Suggestions
[2] Lifehacker: Yahoo adds a travel shortcut