Yahoo!’s MapMixer: Upload An Image Of A Map & Treat It Like A Yahoo Map

Posted Sep 13, 2007

What they say is true: Sometimes the best ideas come up while in the shower.  “I get most of my best ideas either while I am showering or just before I go to sleep,” stated Yahoo! MapMixer’s creator, Nimit Maru.  “This is one of those showering ideas.”  Maru works for Yahoo!’s travel services.

MapMixer allows users to upload maps and then plug Yahoo! map features into them becoming hybrid maps.  The maps can be in the forms of .jpgs, .gifs, and .pngs.  Some of the common uses include maps of countries, parks, and college campuses.  MapMixer was one of the winners at the last Yahoo! Hack Day in Sunnyvale, Calif. in March and Yahoo! has been testing the idea since.  The next Yahoo! Hack Day will be in India on October 5th.

After uploading an image, users can use rotate, scale, add markers, etc. to the map.  A couple of the other winners from Hack Day are also being worked on at Yahoo!  Shop by Color is an upcoming feature that will allow shoppers to filter their search for items by 56 different color hues.  Selecting certain colors will filter searches to find similar results. 

“‘Hack Days’ are about expressions of creativity,” stated Bradley Horowitz, VP of Yahoo’s Advanced Development Division. “I want people to do really wild, speculative stuff.”

For a sample Yahoo! MapMixer, [click here] to check out an uploaded map of the University of Southern California.