Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog Adds E-Mail Signature Generator

Posted Oct 29, 2007

Yahoo! acquired MyBlogLog around January 2007 for about $10 million. MyBlogLog is a web tool that is used by bloggers and another publishers to showcase what web sites they are visiting or who is visiting their blog. The official announcement was made by Robyn Tippins, Community Manager at Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog.

The e-mail signature can be set-up when clicking on “Edit Profile” and then “Email Signature”:

If you look at the above screen shot, you will notice that there is a MyBlogLogo icon logo under myname. Other icons a user can add is icon links to their YouTube profile, Pownce profile, MySpace profile, Blogger account, LinkedIn profile, Digg profile, Twitter page, profile, Facebook profile, etc. After the signature is fully customized, MyBlogLog generates the code.

Then users simply take their code and embed it into Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

I could see this as being a very useful tool for Web 2.0 addicts like myself, but I don’t foresee a lot of people to use the signature generator. Great tool though.