YouTube: Now Accepting Multiple 1GB Uploads

Posted Nov 9, 2007

Google’s YouTube is ready to ramp up for more and higher quality content. Now users are encouraged to upload more files, with higher resolutions, and longer in length. Each video can now be 10 minutes long and 1GB in size. Originally, each movie file allowed on YouTube was limited to only 100MB.

YouTube is also building a YouTube Uploader tool for Mac. The YouTube Uploader tool for Windows PCs can be downloaded from Multi-Video Upload site. After multiple videos are done uploading, they will be automatically added to your My Videos page.

What makes this new feature even more interesting is that although YouTube is a Google property, I believe that the video-sharing website seems to be giving us unlimited storage for content. Whereas Google gives us limited storage for GMail, Picasa, and other services. Maybe this is Google’s way of paying for YouTube server and lawsuit bills.

As pointed out by ReadWriteWeb, InterActivCorp (IAC) is also involved in the video sharing market. IAC’s Vimeo introduced HD video uploading last month. YouTube videos often times face too much video compression.

[Update by Mo Kakwan]
It should be noted that both Vimeo and this recent move by YouTube to support higher quality video are ahead of the curve. The requirements of having to play HD video is more memory and faster processors.  Be sure to check out the comments on this HD Video ( and you’ll notice a number of people experiencing choppy play. My machine is fairly old (xp 2700+ with 1 gig of ram) and is bottlenecked not by processor speed or memory but by my slow DSL line (What’s going on Slowskys?). It’s going to take a little bit before the mainstream can catch up with the early adopters. I look forward to seeing these advancements drive down the price of HD Cameras as well which are currently rather pricey.

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