Zillow Partnering With Major Newspaper Companies For Shared Ad Space, Feature Integration, and Revenue-Sharing

Posted Nov 14, 2007

Real estate valuation website, Zillow.com announced a crucial deal with a few newspaper companies yesterday.  Many real estate consumers have been turning to online forms of research rather than newspapers lately.  Zillow.com is announcing a partnership with 11 publishing companies.  The companies include the Houston Chronicle, the San Francisco Chronicle, MediaNews Group Inc. (Denver Post), the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and the San Jose Mercury News.

The 11 publishing companies have represent over 282 different newspapers.  The newspapers will have the ability to add Zillow content and features into their own sites.  Zillow was the fifth-most visited real estate website based on October data from Nielsen.  AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Realtor.com are in the top four.

When realtors approach these newspaper companies for advertising space on houses for sales or apartments for rent, they will also be offered the opportunity to place ad space on Zillow to complement the newspaper listings.  Spencer Rascoff, CFO of Zillow is heading the deal and stated that the revenue-sharing aspect of the deal is still being worked out.