Zoopy: South Africa’s First Video/Photo Sharing Social Network

Posted Mar 11, 2007

Development for Zoopy began around August 2006 and is created by Full House Technologies.  Zoopy is the first South-African based video and photo sharing social network.  To become a user of the website, you don’t have to be from Cape Town, so I decided to give it a test.

Registration for the website is very simple.  Below is a screen shot of the registration form:

After you complete registration, you now have the ability to upload videos, create a profile, upload an avatar picture for your profile, send messages, add friends, join groups, and view comments for your shared multimedia.  All of this information is aggregated on your dashboard page [screen shot below]:

So how is the user base you ask?  While the site went into Live Beta within the last couple days, there are some very active users.  One of them that caught my attention has the username, Diva and is uploading some 70’s American music videos like Abba’s Dancing Queen:

The videos also have an add to favorites, video rating system, and a flagging feature similar to YouTube.  Photo sharing is similar to Flickr in the sense that users can rate each others pictures and all pictures belong to certain categories.  Some categories include Fashion and Style, Food and Drink, and Nightlife and Clubs.

The user interface for Zoopy is quite easy to navigate around.  I’d say that the only drawback for Zoopy is that it is difficult to find something that distinguishes itself from other photo and video social network conglomerates out there.