1337: $4 Million Raised To Connect Niche Communities

By Annie Baker ● Oct 31, 2023

1337a generative AI platform committed to connecting niche communities through hyper-personalized interests – recently emerged from stealth today with the announcement of a $4 million pre-seed round. The investors include Credo Ventures, GFR Fund, Treble Capital, Roosh Ventures, and individuals including Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue and impact investor Natalia Vodianova.

Pronounced “Leet” (a nod to early gaming and hacker culture) – the company also launched an ecosystem of AI-driven micro influencers, known as ‘Entities.’ Each Entity has a wide set of skills and interests and aims to connect, educate, and inspire niche communities online. 1337 is also debuting 50 new Entities in beta and a global creator community for co-creating future Entities.

1337 plans to use the new funding round to develop a scalable platform that will facilitate the expansion of its Entity ecosystem to thousands of niche communities soon while broadening its global creator community.

1337’s funding round comes at a time of profound growth and excitement for the Digital Human Economy, which Gartner forecasts will evolve into a $125 billion market by 2035.

1337’s leadership team includes Jenny Dearing, Robin Raszka, Jan Maly and key strategic advisors, including Bailey Richardson, former Head of Community at Instagram, who currently leads both Marketing and Community at Substack. 1337 founder Robin Raszka previously founded Alter, a consumer AI startup that he created in 2017 with a $3 million seed round and sold to Google in 2022 for $100 million. Prior to Alter, he was a product designer at AI startup Summly, which Yahoo acquired for $30 million in 2013.

With this new funding round, 1337 is fueling the creation of a more vibrant online community to help build a future where everyone is celebrated and supported.


“Niche communities collectively represent a massive audience of people online. 1337 is building a new way for these deeply engaged community members to collaborate and interact with each other thanks to the addition of multimodal large language models. We view the Entities we’re creating as guides, to help facilitate greater connection between people and communities, and later, directly between communities and brands.”

— 1337 co-founder and CEO Jenny Dearing

“In the future of social media, we’ll witness a shift towards hyper-personalization and the co-creation of synthetic content—inspired by open-source principles—simulating the digital pulse of these AI Entities with the human soul. 1337 Entities are pioneering this shift. We are inventing ways people engage with AI, creators, and brands, for good.”

— 1337 founder Robin Raszka

“Today, some of the most dynamic applications of LLMs and diffusion models are found within the realms of human creativity and connectivity. This supports our conviction that the next wave of AI will have a significant impact on the social media landscape, affecting creators, followers, and advertisers alike. We’re very excited to support Robin, Jenny, Jan, and the entire 1337 team on their mission to revolutionize content creation and connectivity in the world of social media and beyond.”

— General Partner at Credo Ventures and Investor, Karolina Mrozkova